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Thursday, June 9, 2011

West Side Gang- Writers' Group

Tuesday night was a meeting of the West Side Gang- They liked chapter 9 of News from Dead Mule Swamp a lot, and most of their suggestions were small changes for clarity, not any problems with the story.

I came home and re-read everything I had done to date. Found one small thing I needed to change to keep geographic consistency in the town I've created, and did some other clean-up. It's really invigorating when other people like what you write and want to hear more.

The man who is handling the Public Poetry Project wasn't there, so I don't know if my poem "Memory of Life" was accepted or not. Last night was an "extra" meeting (not the regular date), so we will meet again next Tuesday, and he should be there, so I hope I'll get an answer.


Tes said...

How wonderful to have written and published a book! Congratulations. Joan! :)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks, Tes! The whole book by me was self-published, but the short stories will be in various Anthologies.