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Friday, August 27, 2010

My First eBook!- Devotions for Hikers

I published my first eBook today through Smashwords. I am pretty happy with the whole process, and will be writing more about that. It is already available on their web site, and should be placed in their Premier Catalog within a week. It has to be manually approved for that to happen, but then it is shown on several other major eBook distribution sites.

This book is a collection of 10 short devotions with themes that will appeal to hikers, backpackers, campers, and walkers. I've sold quite a few of the print copies since publishing it in 2006. It weighs just 0.3 ounces in print format- light enough for most packers. However, if you are going to carry a digital device, or just want to use the devotions for every day, you can now buy it digitally for just $1.89.

I'm also working on "Get Off the Couch with Joan," a collection of several of my previously published columns from the local newspaper, The Ludington Daily News. I've been writing for them for over four years now, and it's time these essays earned their keep a little better.

My Smashwords

Thursday, March 18, 2010

National Park Service Uses Photo

What fun! I just discovered that the National Park Service has used one of my photos (I gave permission long ago for them to do so with all my hiking pictures). You can see it at the National Trail System introductory page.

The shot was taken in North Dakota, at the headwaters of the Sheyenne River, which is the wetland in the background. Three friends and I were hiking the North Country National Scenic Trail. They are in the picture: Marie Altenau, David Castro, and Mathilda Nance. I've always thought that this picture just said, "North Dakota."

It was taken on a 131-mile backpacking trip in 1995, to do the western end of the North Country National Scenic Trail. This was one of the first long hikes I took on the NCT. My book, North Country Cache, covers the first 2300 miles I hiked on the NCT, and is the first book by a hiker of that trail. Follow the link below to read one chapter for free. Of course, you can order the entire book if you wish!

You can see more of my pictures at Sharkbytes Photos

See North Country Cache at Books Leaving Footprints.