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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bio Added to Twin Trinity Books

My bio and an author interview has been added to the Twin Trinity Books store.

To see it, click on TTM Authors & Staff in the left sidebar, and I am number 48 (they aren't in any particular order).

Owner, Michelle L. Devon, says that the covers will be done and the books ready for purchase this weekend. And, she is offering a fantastic deal for early bird interest. Here's her offer:
We're offering you a special right now that if you sign up for an account on the Twin Trinity Media website prior to June 20th, we're giving you a $5 store credit. This is enough to buy several shorts, or you can use your credit to purchase a discounted copy of any of our fine paperback books
All books will be available in a variety of formats for Kindle, Apple iStore, nook, Mobi, and also pdf or plain txt for reading on the computer. Why not sign up right now before you forget, and you can buy some interesting stories as soon as Monday.

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