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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Program and Book Sales

The program went really well! Despite torrential rains and lots of lightning and thunder there were 50 people who showed up. The library that sponsored the program was really happy- that was a high turnout for their program series. I concur that it was a good turnout. I usually get large groups when the program is for an outdoor or hiking club, but not always so many when it's aimed at a general audience. This was also in my local area, part of the Pentwater Library summer series. I hadn't yet given this program locally, so that might have helped, although there were only about five people there that I knew.

I sold four copies of North Country Cache, and one copy of Devotions for Hikers, so that was also a great success. That's a good sales percentage for that size group.

And, one good "rule" of public speaking is that you should never leave a program without having the next one lined up. I may have pulled that off. If the man I spoke with follows through, I'll have a program in September.

I personally have difficulty pushing my books as hard as I need too. I tend to be more retiring when it comes to sales, and would like books to sell themselves. But that is totally unrealistic unless you happen to be on the NY Times Bestseller list (ha!). I think I did a pretty good job last night, for me.

Here's a piece of phenomenal news! Last week I paid off the last of what I borrowed from a couple of friends to publish North Country Cache. I still haven't paid off what I borrowed from myself, but all the money made tonight can begin to go toward that goal. Since I'll need cash for North Country Quest in the next year or two, that is a great milestone.

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