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Friday, October 12, 2012

Chapter 7 - Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp

Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp
For some reason, I had a hard time writing this chapter. It didn't feel smooth to me, and because it's a different pace from the opening (this book opens with more of a bang than the others), it was hard to see if it fit well.

I took it to my writers' group expecting to have it torn to shreds. Instead, they pretty much thought it worked well. They pointed out some tweaks that would help, but it was not the crashing disaster I thought it might be, requiring an extensive re-write. I sure hope they are right! Usually, these folks are not afraid to be honest, so I trust them to tell me if something isn't working.

Some important pieces of information are revealed, and hopefully in a natural way. That's always a bit tricky when a story is told in first person.

An excerpt from Chapter 7:
    The yellow plastic tape was completely blocking the public access to the river. I was willing to bet that wasn’t making the [canoe] livery owners happy in August. We pulled slowly past the access, and as we crept by I had a glimpse of two divers wading from the water. I also caught site of a solid man with short grizzled hair and a scowl on his face, Detective Milford. He wore a tie, but no suit coat, and his sleeves were rolled part way up his arms. He looked hot and frustrated.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cover for Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp

It's possible there might be some tweaks, but here is the prototype cover for Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp.

cover for Bury the Hatchet in Dead Mule Swamp

Is it mysterious? Boring? Does it make you want to buy this book?