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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 10 of News from Dead Mule Swamp

This chapter has taken forever to finish. I started it almost a month ago, and then decided that it was time to have something significant occur to keep the plot moving along. That changed the chapter from one of mostly dialogue to a lot of moving people around and meeting someone new, and setting up this next piece of action.

That took a lot of words! In fact, this chapter is twice as long as the previously longest chapter. Hmmm. Maybe it should be split into two.

Nevertheless, I got a big chunk of the story done to take to the West Side Gang writers group last night. Since it was really rough (I finished just in time to take it), they offered some good suggestions.

It is a little odd to hear one chapter of a book about once a month. I know, since some others are also bringing chapters. There usually needs to be a little update to remind people who the secondary characters are and what previously happened.

I should be good to go with the next few chapters now, as this latest plot complication plays out.

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