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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Program Bookings

Just this week I confirmed two more program bookings, both in September. On the 13th, I'll be in Marquette, Michigan giving one of my two keynote talks. They haven't decided which one for sure, just yet. I'll stay overnight with a friend. In fact, I may go a day early so that I can do some hiking around Marquette. It's a beautiful place! This program will be sponsored by the North Country Trail Hikers Chapter of the North Country Trail Association.

Then I have to boogie home on the 14th, because I have a program in Pentwater, Michigan on the evening of the 15th of September. This will be a shorter presentation, "The North Country Trail in Michigan." This one came as a direct result of putting out some flyers last Tuesday night. Several people from the Sable Dunes Audubon Society were there, and they want me at one of their meetings. They chose this title because it's a shorter program, and they don't usually have hour-long presentations.

I am really pleased at the steady requests for speaking!

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