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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Painful Expenses- Or Why I Buy ISBNs

"If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs." I'm sure you've heard that before.

This is a week of painful expenses. All of them are good and necessary, and are almost certain to be recouped. But right now, things are tight and it hurts to break those eggs!

I have ordered 100 copies each of The Secret Cellar and The Hitchhiker, and will do the same for The ABZ Affair as soon as the proof is approved. But the big expense is a new block of ISBNs. Those are International Standard Book Numbers. You have to have them if you want to sell your book anywhere except maybe out of the back of your car. They assign a unique number to every edition of every book.

I've previously purchased two blocks of 10. Yes, that's 20 numbers, and I've used them all. Needed two more for The ABZ Affair. When you buy a block of 10, they currently cost about $30 each. When you buy a block of $100, they currently cost about $6 each. Yes, you read that right. It's a HUGE difference if you can afford the larger block and think you will use them. I know I'll need more then ten almost instantly. If I manage to get each of my mysteries in audio format, that's 8 more right there and I'll be out again. So I did it. Bought 100.

But why not just use the free ISBNs provided by CreateSpace if you print through their service?

Here are my reasons.
1. I object on principal to Amazon ruling the world- they own CreateSpace.

Now let's be a little more practical.

2. You can only print at CreateSpace with one of their ISBNs. Right now, I'm content with their service, but they aren't the only POD printer in the universe. If I change my mind, I don't have to use another ISBN.

3. If I use a CreateSpace ISBN it will show them as the publisher. I have my own legally registered publishing company, Books Leaving Footprints, and I want that imprint to appear in my books

Back to work! That's my big accomplishment for the day. Oh, I did get Bowker (the service that lists your ISBNs and the info about each title) to add the Anastasia Raven Mysteries and Dubois Files series to my info, and I've started the formatting for The ABZ Affair. I know it's not much, but today was a full work day as well, and I'm going out this evening.

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