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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Interior Illustrations - The ABZ Affair

drawing of children sitting on a playground merry-go-round for the children's book The ABZ Affair
the friends eat lunch sitting on the playground merry-go-round

drawing joe-pye weed and boneset for the children's book The ABZ Affair
Joe-Pye weed and boneset

drawing of a boy driving a forklift for the children's book The ABZ Affair
George drives the forklift

drawing of a hand sliding a deadbolt for the children's book The ABZ Affair
Cora slides the deadbolt

The interior illustrations are now complete, but I still have two secret code graphics to do for the craft/skill pages. Those will be tomorrow.

If you want to pre-order (through March 31) the set of the first three Dubios Files books for $24 (no discount after March 31), they will be signed by the cover artist Linda J. Sandow, as well as by me. Signed sets can be pre-ordered at Books Leaving Footprints

covers for the Children's mysteries the Dubois Files

Illustrations - The Hitchhiker

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