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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Formatting and More- The Dubois Files

illustration from The Hitchhiker of how to tell time with your hand

I'm into crunch time! There is so much work to do on these first three books beyond writing that I sure hope I can have them available on March 31. For sure, they will be out as e-books by that date, and available to order paperbacks from Amazon. But in order for me to have paper copies in hand on that date I need to order them in the next week.

Today, I formatted the text of The Hitchhiker (without any screw-ups on the page numbering or headers and footers. I may have tamed that learning beast).

Also, I did the illustration above for the craft/skill in The Hitchhiker.

Found some reference pictures for another illustration in the same book.

There was also one more big craft/skill graphic to do in The Secret Cellar, and I got that done, too!

I also tweaked one of the interior illustrations for The Secret Cellar. I just have to insert that in the text, and that book will be ready to submit for printing approval. That was a big goal of the day... so I'd feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Release date March 31, 2018. Signed sets can be preordered at a discount at Books Leaving Footprints

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