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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Succinctly Yours- Flash Fiction

Grandma's Goulash regularly runs a Flash Fiction challenge. Here's my next installment of 140 words. The extra credit word is "expedient." Here's the picture that is to be the inspiration:

Here's my story:

Ralph basked in the late afternoon sun. His future was an open door! It would be so expedient to enter- the odor of slightly spoiled warm bologna wafted past. He allowed his mind to drift–to become one with the enticing aroma in which he was now bathed. Eugene and Tyson had long since flown through that portal into the heavenly realm beyond. Ralph hesitated for only one reason; his scouts had not returned. It was so unlike them to selfishly sate their own appetites without returning with bits of the treat stuck to their feet to present to him, the Fly King.

What could be the cause of their delay? Ralph knew that it was not prudent to follow without the report from Eugene and Tyson, but, overwhelmed by the temptation, he raised his wings and buzzed into the kitchen.


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Lynette Killam said...

Oh, I see bad things ahead for Ralph! But what's a fly to do when the scent of spoiled bologna floods the senses? Seriously!

This was great fun, Joan...I thoroughly enjoyed it...:)

Jim said...

... where he promptly got swatted by Mr. Housekeeper.
Golly, we just got started here, didn't we! It was all very engrossing. Thank you.
Thank you too for you visit and nice comment. I think the female fly also belonged to Diptera clan.

Grandma's Goulash said...

Poor Ralph! I fear he should have listened to logic instead of his tummy. Then, again, I totally understand. :D

I really enjoyed your story. That's quite a feat, when you are writing about flies.