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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Product Review at Shared Reviews

I managed to get two new reviews written for Shared Reviews this week. They are:
Detroit Electric Scheme- Mystery, History, Action which is a book review of a really good new mystery, and
Your Best Look Modest Swimsuit Fits Well, Looks Nice, reviewing a swim suit I snagged on an end-of-season closeout.

Shared Reviews has now pushed their site overhaul off by another month to September 1, but there is a sneak preview on one of those corner peel tabs anywhere on their site. There is more detail presented in their blog, at The Official-Official, Really Official, Absolutely Official New SR Launch Date.

Use this link if you would like to sign up at Shared Reviews. I made $42 last month. Admittedly, I am one of the highest earners due to having a lot of content, and achieving a high rank. Nevertheless it is a legitimate place to write online. Almost all kinds of content are welcome.

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