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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Working on New Media

This coming week is just crazy-nuts. I drive to Marquette tomorrow (7-8 hours). I'll be hiking with a group on Tuesday and giving my primary program, "The North Country Trail and the Kitchen Sink" at the Peter White Library in the evening. On Wednesday I'll drive home.

On Thursday evening, I have to have a new media program done that focuses just on Michigan. I worked on it all afternoon. Of course, I have this new computer. So Windows Movie Maker is still free, but it's an all-new version, and I have to figure out how to do all the things that I previously understood pretty well. Oh yes, before I could do that I had to redownload my software to convert MOV files to WMV, and that turned out to be a test. I had to work really hard to recover my license number because I had archived those emails. Well, I've now noted that information somewhere else!

I'm in pretty good shape with it, but the BIG QUESTION is whether I will have work assignments from my part-time job this week. If I do, I'll almost have to do them on Thursday, leaving me no time to work more on the program. I am supposed to be given assignments on Fridays, but in practice, that doesn't always happen.

Hope I can get everything done on time!

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