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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finding a Writing Style and Dissatisfaction

It's been weeks since I've had time to work on News from Dead Mule Swamp. Meanwhile, I've discovered a new mystery author, J. S. Borthwick. I'm enjoying Down East Murders, which is set in Port Clyde, Maine, and on a fictional island just off the coast.

Part of what I love about the book is that I know Port Clyde and the area. But, I also have to admit that Borthwick's book is a lot more interesting than mine. She's given the characters more depth, and sprinkled in lots of little red herrings- the kinds of silly things that make perfect sense to small-town life.

So, now I'm dissatisfied with my work. I wonder if I can go back through the book and work in more "stuff." I wonder if I should. I also adore "The Cat Who..." books, and they have about the same level of detail as I now have, and yet I think they also capture a small town really well.

My book is too linear. I need to introduce some bunny trails. Most of all, I need to find some time to work on it.


Reena said...

I know Port Clyde. We were there just a few weeks ago. Love the place. I'll have to pick up the book. Understand your frustration on your own work. My hubby also has a book he's working on and has similar issues and concerns! Keep plugging away!

Unknown said...

I've not heard of the author you mention but I'm sure that perhaps you are being a little hard on yourself. Perhaps you should test drive a few chapters by asking someone you trust to read them and be honest and critical both in the good and the bad and perhaps this will reassure you. It may give you the opportunity of pruning your work so that your readers will be able to appreciate the light and the shade. I am sure that you are doing a worthwhile job, they say it pays to be brave!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

reena- Books are SO much fun when you know the location.

Polly- my local writing support group is loving my little mystery in progress. It's just me that wants more detail. Thanks for the encouragement.