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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

How To Painlessly Hug an Author - Tip #1

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We're always asking you to write reviews. I know! But maybe you don't want to think that hard. Maybe you find the mechanics of the whole process difficult. Maybe you think a book was only worth 3 stars, but you don't want to really "say that out loud."

So how can you help support your friends who write, or those whose books you love even if you don't know them personally?

This suggestion should take under a minute to accomplish. Can you spare a minute a month to help support an author? I think that's a reasonable request.

You can do this for any author you like. Of course, I'd be thrilled if you take this suggestion to help me, but ANY AUTHOR you enjoy is going to feel the love if you do this. Trust me.

Today's tip: share a link to their author page, or one of their books on any social media site. Anywhere you like to interact. Go on... it took you longer to read this post than it will to help an author.

If you want to help me, Amazon and Smashwords links here

I'll be adding an occasional tip to this series.

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