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Monday, March 27, 2017

What Might Make You Come to an Author Event?

alt text at Big Rapids Authorpalooza

What would make you come to a vendor event (where you can meet multiple authors and buy books)? I am scheduled for two of them (at this point) this summer. The first will be at Shagway Arts Barn, Ludington on May 27. Also, on July 22, I'll be at the Writer's Rendezvous at the Ludington Area Center for the Arts. Shagway will have live music and multiple vendors... many of them arts and crafts. The Writer's Rendezvous will be only authors, and each will have a time to read short passages from his or her books.

But what if I offered a premium that you could ONLY get at one of these events? Would this entice you to come? Please answer in the poll above until April 8th at midnight. You can choose more than one option. If you can think of something I haven't listed that you'd like (that's reasonable, eh?) you can comment below.


Loritenor said...

looks like it worked. I had to refresh the page to see the vote had been accepted and shows in the total box.

Unknown said...

I'm a bit far from you to come to an event like this. I will have to look at the dates again and see if it's possible for me to come from Northwest Indiana to Ludington. I would very much like to meet you and have you sign my copy of North Country Cache. :-)

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Thanks Loretta!

Sharon- wow that would be awesome, but that IS a ways to travel. I hope to be free to do more shows farther from home in another year or so. Do you know Terry Kaser? He's from Elkhart and sometimes drives up for our hikes. Carpool?

The Furry Gnome said...

I'd be there if we lived close.