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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Chapter 26 - Dead Mule Swamp Druggist

Dead Mule Swamp Druggist
The book is moving along nicely. Conjured up a brain storm yesterday and filled in the missing plot elements to create the middle of the book. All the chapters are roughed out in a few sentences now.

The cover does need tweaking. The pills have to be capsules, so I'll work on that. I know, I know... lots of covers aren't consistent with the contents of the book, but that is one of my PET PEEVES. So it will have to be fixed. Not difficult.

The author enthusiasm encountered at the recent Authorpalooza event in Big Rapids has energized me. Maybe I can pick up the writing pace. That would certainly be a good thing.

Enjoy a piece of Chapter 26:

    "Whoa," I exclaimed, handing her the page I'd been reading. "I'm thinking younger. This passage is pretty hot."
    "Men never really get over that," Cora said with a smile. "But I see your point."
    We finished reading the letters we had copies of, but didn't find any further information that looked useful. I stared at Cora without speaking, and she returned my gaze.
    "We need help," she finally said.
    I was amazed to hear this from Cora.
    "What kind of help?" I asked.
    "Adele's kind of help. She stays on the front lines of events before they become history and pass into my domain. I hate to admit it, but we are similar except in our time period of interest."
    This admission led us to share a hearty laugh.
    "But, she can't keep a secret. Do we want everyone to know what we've found out?" I asked.
    "Roy and Wanda opened this can of worms. They'll have to accept the castings."
    Now it was my turn to be ignorant. "Castings?"
    Cora grinned impishly. "Worm excrement."

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