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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Received the Proof for Elements of Life

Elements of Life Cover
I just received a proof sheet for the Elements of Life anthology. I have one poem in this book! These are stories and poems that were winners in Accentuate Services contests. Some of my stories have been winners, but these themes, birth, life, death, were just before I began entering.

However, after the fact, they called for some poems to be used as fillers, and one of mine was accepted. It's called "Now Then When" and was written in one of my darker moods.

It takes a long, long time to get stories from contests to/through editing, and actual printing of a book. I'm glad to see something of mine in this anthology, and I will have several stories in the next volume.

The book can be pre-ordered for a discount at Twin Trinity Books

1 comment:

Michelle Devon (Michy) said...

Your poem is a great addition to this anthology! I can't wait to see one of the books with your stories in it! Looking forward to it.

Love and stuff,